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Screen Fabricators

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Screen Enclosures

Acrylic Rooms

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About Us

We are SCREEN FABRICATORS and we can upgrade your scree enclosure with our beautiful and practical ACRYLIC SLIDER SYSTEM. You can convert your wet/warm porch into a dry/cool room. We get and pay for PERMITS and do HOA paperwork as well!! We have done hundreds of projects in Century Village, Sunrise Lakes, Victoria Park, New Castle, Palm Else, all over Palm Beach County and Broward County(in all sections) for many years and NEVER failed inspection.

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Add a gorgeous Screen Enclosure to your home. Screen Rooms & Screen Porches are a way to add more comfortable living space to any home. No more bug bites or stings, not even from mosquitoes free in-home consultation. Serving all South Florida Communities.
  • Palm Beach County and Broward County 954-483-3988. Broward County 754-224-8029
  • 1401 SE 15th Street Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316